Renée Zellweger discusses the film "Judy"

Dec 16, 2019

Actor Renee Zellweger discusses the 2019 film Judy with Raj Roy. What becomes a legend most? In this case, a soaring homage by a brilliant actor delivering her best performance in years. Renée Zellweger never mimics Judy Garland in this adaptation of the stage play End of the Rainbow, rather she channels the collected rage and passion of a child prodigy whose life has always been shaped by the men around her, but whose talent is hers alone. At turns heartbreaking and exuberant, Judy is at its most powerful with Zellweger on stage, spotlighted and singing her heart out for all the love and loves lost in the too-short life of Ms. Judy Garland. The conversation was part of MoMA Contenders, The Museum of Modern Art's renowned series of influential, innovative films from the past 12 months. Whether bound for awards glory or cult classic status, each of these films is a contender for lasting historical significance.