Scott Z. Burns & Annette Bening discuss the film "The Report"

Dec 11, 2019

Q&A with director Scott Z. Burns and actor Annette Bening, moderated by La Frances Hui, following a screening of The Report. Longtime Steven Soderbergh screenwriter Scott Z. Burns brings his incisive storytelling to one of the most pressing political affairs of our time. Adam Driver stars as the unwavering Senate staffer Daniel Jones charged with leading the investigation into the CIA's post-9/11 detention and interrogation programs. This docudrama procedural—which winds from Capitol Hill to Iraq War-era black sites—sheds exceptional insight into the investigation thanks to the involvement of Mr. Jones, and forms an unprecedented visual narrative of a period made indelible by images of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. The Report reaffirms the urgency of film and media to give voice to those seeking truth and accountability in this era of fake news.