Symposium: An Encounter with the Korean Avant-Garde

Apr 12, 2024

Presented in collaboration with GYOPO, an L.A.-based collective of Korean cultural producers and art professionals, this program features dialogues with artists and thinkers on the historical, political, and cultural contexts of Only the Young: Experimental Art in Korea, 1960s–1970s, with focus on the lasting impacts of this decisive moment within Korea’s local and diasporic creative histories, as well as the larger influence that these art histories have had within the global art world. The afternoon ends with a performance by Only the Young artist Sung Neung Kyung.

03:15 Opening remarks by Yoon Ju Ellie Lee and Pablo José Ramírez

13:15 Keynote

Art historian Joan Kee delivers the keynote address on the Experimental Art movement.

1:07:30 Panel Presentations and Discussion

Presentations by sociologist Jennifer Jihye Chun (1:12:28), art historian Mina Kim (1:38:25), and artist Young Joon Kwak (1:55:25) will contextualize the experimental art movement and trace its legacies. Following the presentations, curator Harry C. H. Choi will moderate a conversation (2:17:27) between the presenters and a Q + A with the audience.

2:52:11 Performance by Sung Neung Kyung

Special thank you to GYOPO steering committee members Yoon Ju Ellie Lee and Alex Paik for their collaboration on the symposium, and Baik Art and Le Mieux Cosmetics for their generous support.