Maureen McLane reads, March 2024

Mar 14, 2024

Maureen McLane, poet, literary critic, and connoisseur of both the canon and the experimental tradition, epitomizes Wallace Steven’s dictum that “poetry is the scholar’s art.” Her six distinguished volumes of poems include World Enough, chosen Best Poetry Book of the Year by Paul Muldoon in The New Yorker, and her genre-breaking book of criticism and biography My Poets was lauded as “the survey course of my dreams” by Loren Stein. As Christine Smallwood described her manifold talent in Harper’s, McLane’s “mix of the humorous and the cerebral is at once exuberant and rinsed with melancholy.”

Organized and hosted by poet, literary critic, and UCLA Distinguished Research Professor Stephen Yenser. Cosponsored by UCLA Recreation and the UCLA Department of English.