Griffith Observatory Director E.C. Krupp discusses the moon

Aug 24, 2022

However we manage to draw down the moon and incorporate it into our affairs, it inevitably draws us up to the celestial realm. Although distant, the moon has influence. The moon began as a light and a god, but it became a place and then a world. The moon’s phases and face have driven our infatuation with the it, from myths and calendars to travel through space. We have set foot on the moon's surface, but it retains its transcendent power. Something unusual happened on the way to the moon. The Apollo astronauts acquired from their voyages a distinctive epiphany none have shared since the last mission. From antiquity to the Sea of Tranquility, Griffith Observatory Director E.C. Krupp shares the story of the path to that perspective.

In conjunction with the exhibition Drawing Down the Moon (2022).