Artist talk: Pilar Quinteros

May 12, 2022

Born in Santiago, Chile, the artist Pilar Quinteros lives and works between places. Quinteros uses inexpensive materials to construct ephemeral, site-specific interventions. Aesthetic and visual analysis of the transformations of the world we know (or we believe we know) has led Quinteros to understand that everything is a construction in the broadest sense of the word, and that humans are capable not only of creating fiction but believing it.

Quinteros was cofounder of the MICH Collective (International Museum of Chile, 2010–19) and is part of the art collective LA CUMBIA MAPACHE. She earned a bachelor of arts from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Quinteros has exhibited work internationally, including at film festivals, contemporary art biennials and triennials, and both solo and group museum exhibitions.

Support provided by Fundación AMA and Fundación Imagen de Chile