Nina Beier & Bob Kil: All Fours

Apr 14, 2022

All Fours is a performance of synchronized movement that occurs for roughly ten minutes each hour on a stage of marble guardian lions. The dancers may range in number from two to nine and may include any of the following: Gregory Barnett, Sophia Cleary, Kaydence De Mere, Kaye Freeman, Abriel Gardner, Narissa Johnson, Hanieh Khatibi, and Alucard Mendoza McHaney. The work, by Bob Kil and Nina Beier, evolves throughout the run of the exhibition and was conceived in response to a suite of scripts by Asher Hartman. In Hartman’s words, the texts are “indications of a dance . . . full of air to accommodate the performer’s gestures, looks, pouts, taunts.”

In conjunction with the exhibition Lifes